Outdoor Lighting

WAK Group offers the widest range of lighting products for road & garden lighting solutions.

Ranging from FRP, Polysteel, Cast Iron, Cast Aluminium & Combo poles & lamp posts, WAK Group offers lighting solution to every environment & application. WAK Group has a long list of satisfied customers. WAK Group is an automatic choice for it’s customers, the trust, can’t be ignored.

WAK Group is a national provider of electrical, lighting and energy services. WAK Group provides the power of experience in the design, installation, management and maintenance of facility lighting, road lighting, garden lighting, commercial lighting, electrical and sign systems to achieve significant energy cost savings and more efficient project operations.


WAK Group leverages the full spectrum of turnkey services and products for commercial, institutional, government and industrial clients nationwide that are focused on substantially reducing their lighting, maintenance, energy and operational costs to improve corporate and financial solutions. Power your bottom line with quality lighting and electrical solutions.

Planned maintenance and sound energy solutions achieve positive economic results. The power of lighting is incredible in the world around us. It harnesses the power to impact our every perception, mood, comfort and even circadian rhythm in our body. Lighting has the power to ensure a simple task of making a red apple appear red or a hospital environment feel comforting.

Whether designing, installing or maintaining a lighting system, WAK Group takes this power very seriously. WAK Group’s experience, know-how and innovative technology positioned the company the first choice for this type of lighting poles and posts. From active urban throughways to small town boulevard, the safety and security that comes with proper lighting is crucial.

But just as essential as the need for reliable lighting is a need to add appeal to the environment it brightens. As the leading supplier of light poles, we offer a broad array of styles, sizes and materials to create the ideal light pole for you. And, if you don’t see just the right pole for your community, business, public space, or sports arena, we’ll design and create it for you.

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